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Violence Prevention in Denver

We reach out to at-risk youth in Denver and Latin America,
providing hope and opportunities

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For a Better Community

We work to end violence and promote peace through:

gang prevention and intervention

promotion of human rights

empowerment of youth and families

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An Inspiring Message

Let us come to your school and deliver
a message that is powerful and inspiring

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Consider donating to Homies Unidos so we can help young people stay out of gangs.


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Tuesday Night Meeting

These meetings help young men and women avoid gangs. Join us!


From class presentations in Spanish – giving my students a real-life look at gangs in LA and Denver – to workshops in English with students hanging on his every word during my school’s Day of Inclusivity, his story is amazing. Gang life, to gang intervention, to dealing with injustices, he has risen above it all and does amazing work with at-risk youth. Thank you Gerardo Lopez and Homies Unidos!

Jane KellySenior Spanish Instructor - Colorado Academy

La organizacion de Homies Unidos es una buena opcion y una gran herramienta como recurso para la prevencion de gangas para los jovenes y adolecentes ya que en esa etapa son facil de convencer para pertenecer a grupos delincuenciales y que les arruinan sus vidas y aqui en homies lo que hacen es orientar. Y prevenir eso y mantenerse ocupados en cosas positivas y productivas en sus vidas y para un mejor futuro.

Jeanette VizguerraCommunity Leader/Activist - Dreamers Mothers In Action